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Ice, Ice Princess

For anyone who grew up in the height of the Princess Movie a Year era, you probably could easily sing the opening line of “Look at this stuff, isn’t it neat…” followed up by some “Be our Guest!” and throw in a little “A Whole New World” while you were at it.  I am sure it wasn’t just me:) And if it was, I should really get a singing contract out of it because that is pretty awesome, right?  So you can imagine my excitement when I found out Disney On Ice tickets were available through work in our company box and I promptly threw my name in the “lottery”.  I said we should go because Lennox really loves music and dancing and how could we pass up the chance….but I mean come on.  I probably wanted it more for me.  So spoiler alert….we won!

 While corporate life has its pros and cons, we have definitely made use of my company’s box when we have gotten the chance – definitely a pro.  And since Lennox is only 18 months (and it was prime nap time!) we figured if he wasn’t as in to it as I was, we could totally leave (not so secretly I am glad he loved it because leaving early would have sucked!)  And Lennox did love it.  Of course, so did I.  The Little Mermaid and Beauty & The Beast are two of my favorites, and they did summarized versions of both movies – songs and all! – which was awesome.  They also did versions of Brave & Tangled.  I haven’t seen either of those, but I am pretty excited for the day that Lennox is ready to start watching full length features so I can catch up on all the Disney magic I have missed over the years.

His favorite part was Maximus the horse (on skates!!) from Tangled.  I don’t know how two people skate together in a costume like that, but it was pretty great.  He was super sad when the horse skated off, and at that point he started to go downhill.  But he curled up in my lap and fell asleep soon after, and everything was right in my world:) Disney & cuddling?  Doesn’t get much better than that. 

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This is the part where I apologize for my absence

Maybe I am just better at micro-blogging in the form of instagramming.   Check out my side bar – thank you and you’re welcome.

There are so many good moments to catch up on since I last wrote.  Obviously I am not going to be able to get to everything, so I am very thankful for my obsession with dedication to instagram.  Have I mentioned that yet?  LOVE LOVE LOVE that app.  I never really got into twitter, but I wanted to.  I tried.  More than once (I even have 2 different user names!)  But I happen to like pictures a lot more than text, and being a little bit photography obsessed, instagram is the best way for me to capture, share and record moments that I want to remember.  In a very pretty way :)  Like a “I am the best photographic artist ever – oh wait, that’s just an amazing filter/edit” type of way.  Plus, I have made some lovely friends through my feed.  I am inspired daily by the people that I follow and push the limitations of a smart phone camera to get some truly fantastic shots.  I also like that a lot of those same people “like” my pictures back.  Its a nice little feeling of encouragement and helps me want to make all the lovely moments even more beautiful.  Suffice it to say, I like it.  A lot.

Here are some of my favorite’s from this summer.  If you don’t already follow me (and I am sure anyone reading this already does!) my username is deewags.  Let’s be friends:)





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sooki - Hi! I think we’re all a lil obs.. I mean dedicated to IG. Great to meet you there! :) -sooki

Jenny - Your summer collage looks so awesome! I’m glad you took time to update~ you’ll be happy you did when you look back on it. I’m totally in love with IG too! So happy to have met such wonderful, talented, beautiful people like you. – skippee

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My 32nd Year

Today is my birthday. It’s not a big birthday, just a regular ordinary old birthday. But I like birthdays, so it is special none the less. And even more so because I have decided it is finally time to start documenting these special times in my life. As much as I long to be, I am not good at documenting or making books. Photo books from my wedding – not done. Lennox’s baby book – not even started. There is so much good going on every day that I don’t want to forget it and I am excited to share it here. On my blog. Finally.

I am an avid blog reader. I in fact have too many blogs to read, that I don’t really keep up with all of them in my reader, save my favorite top blogs that I. must. read. every. day. Ones that I wish would post more often, even if they already post twice a day (so I might be a little blog obsessed!) Those are listed over in the sidebar, but be warned, you make get sucked in like I have. And I have done the blogging thing before. I occasionally blog for my work, sharing parenting experiences on the Graco blog. I have my tumblr that was good for quick posts and pictures, but I wanted more substance. I even started another one that I was hopeful to share with Andrew as our family blog – it has one post. I am not even sharing that link because it just isn’t worth it.

But there are so many great blogs out there that I love and I just didn’t want to have one that I didn’t love as much as those. Granted I am just starting, so it isn’t anything yet, but I am hoping to foster this little page into a wonderful place to keep memories and special moments current and meaningful in my life. And of course I want it to look good, so just picking out the theme took me way too long. But I also wanted to do something special and unique and creative. Because even though I work in a design job, I need my own outlet for getting ideas out of my head.

So on my 31st birthday I am excited to document my new year as one where I open up, express myself, write down the little things and take pictures of all of it (I already do that plenty, but now I will share them here). I want to take better pictures, break out my “big” camera and have fun editing. I also have an idea to start a fun little series of drawings to help capture the special moments as well. That’s why I named the blog what I did: to remind myself to doodle, have fun, and enjoy the little things. And share them all here.

Full disclosure – this was from Lennox’s first birthday, but the sentiment is the same!

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Hazeltons - Yay, yay, yay!!! Yay for you! Yay for birthdays! Yay for this blog! So looking forward to keeping up with your posts & enjoying all of your creative expressions! We love you, birthday girl! =)
–Bill & Betsy <3

Eric Serrott - Happy Birthday Deanna!!!

Kate - Hey lady! Happy Birthday + Congratulations on the *beautiful* blog design!! I’m so happy to have another way to keep close to you :) Sending love from up north!!

Kt - Love the first post! You’re off to a great start. Can’t wait to read all the stories :(

Rachael - Happy Birthday! I have a blog. I, too, don’t share the link b/c it has about 8 posts with the most recent one being from about two and a half years ago :(

I am really looking forward to reading yours and wish you all the best in your project!

jenny - hope you had a happy happy birthday! congrats on the new blog! i think with blogging it gains value as time goes on. whenever i look back on my old old old posts i’m so thankful i took the time to write and post photos of whatever was going on at that moment. i just subscribed so i’m looking forward to your updates! =) that birthday photo of the three of you is just so cute!

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